Offer a Way to Rename a Site [FEAT - 477]

:boom: Please Note: I am not the original requestor. This feature request was submitted by another community member in our former (now depreciated) community forum.

It’d be great if we had an option to rename a site as well as edit the site name. I know one of our sites that we had multiple attempts at getting right since we were new, ended up stuck with a name that’s not naturally something I’d use at this point, given how much we use terminus. Or another use case would be if we decide to rebrand/name a website, but the underlying Pantheon site is stuck w/ the old name.

If you would like to see this product/feature request happen please consider upvoting!

Would love to see this implemented!

I know there are workarounds where you can clone a site and so on, but that seems like overkill to change the name of a site.

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Thanks for jumping in! Definitely give this an upvote :slight_smile: I will make sure to add your name to the original JIRA epic as well. This is so our Product/Engineering squads can track how many customers would like to see this feature & prioritize.

Keep the feedback rolling in!